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Visual Effects is the invisible art that makes the digitally created artwork seem real to the audience. The Huge wave that floods a city or a tornado that rips through a town or the fire throwing dragon and many such unique effects are taught in this specialization.


Visual effects are a part of many feature films, games and commercials. Even a lot of TV programs now rely on visual effects. This is a very vast field and has specializations with in the various subjects of Visual effects. A combination of various softwares are used to accomplish the desired output.


This course teaches Particle Simulations, Fluids, Scripting, Match Moving, Rotoscoping, Camera Tracking, Digital Matte Painting, Green Screen Keying and Digital Compositing. Students shoot their own small movie footage and add effects to it to gain a complete understanding of how Visual effects are added to the film footage. Students will add 3D assets to their shots and develop an efficient technique and choose from various tools to complete the shots as done in real productions.




A good understanding of color schemes and compositions is a requirement for this field and students will be provided with classes for mastering these subjects.




Students proficient in this field often find jobs in the following streams within the VFX department:



Career opportunities  
  • Rotoscoping Artist

  • Matchmoving Artist

  • Fluids and Simulations Artist

  • Tracking Artist

  • Matte painting Artist

  • Compositing Artist

  • Character FX Artist

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