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Art grows with inspiration, and Goa offers just the right mix for such inspiration. From art communities to colorful carnivals, Goa has a lot to offer on the ART front. A serene surrounding offers students getaways from the hustle bustle of the city to focus their mind on developing their art. Music is in the air of Goa and there are ample opportunities at arms length for students to engage in music be it learning or performing. Kayaking, mountain biking trails, football grounds and beautiful landscapes of valleys, beaches and open spaces offer students an opportunity to stabilize their work and recreational time.


Goa has its own significance as far as local culture is considered. At the school we provide sessions to increasing awareness of the local sentiments to help students fit in better with the residential community. Students can take advantage of the housing facilities provided by the school but if students choose to live outside the school area we can help liaison with the landlords and find accommodation. Medical help is available to students at walking distance. The school is surrounded by eateries to fit all tastes and preferences. Numerous Bank and ATMs are walking distance from the school and and a Police station is situated 3 k.m from the premise. Local and inter state transportation is available near the school gate and the main Bus depot is 10 minutes away.


Goa has the personality to leave an indelible mark on you, remembering your student life forever.


Animation and Art School Goa is spread over two floors. It provides it's students with facilities for Fine Art that can be found in a dedicated art school and computers in the classrooms and labs that match the professional studio standards. There are three small studio class rooms on the first floor. One is for sculpture where the traditional sculpting classes and the maquette making classes are conducted. The other studio room is for drawing and painting equipped with easels and drawing horse benches. The third studio classroom has adjustable design tables, here illustration classes and pre production classes are conducted. There are 2 computer classrooms on the first floor and a computer lab on the second floor. A dedicated server room is stationed at the first floor.


The school opens at 8:30 a.m and shuts at 11:00 p.m. These long working hours gives the students flexibility to work in the premise as per their schedule. A fully stacked library with international books and Dvds on all subjects relevant to the courses taught lets students check out the books for reference which are otherwise hard to get hold of and training DVDs of different course materials from around the world can also be issued for reference. The library has two dedicated DVD stations for the students. The Library opens at 9:00 a.m and shuts at 6:00 p.m. We also provide the students with state of the art technology. The school has cutting edge workstations for students to work as well as wacom intuos tablets which they could use.


The facilities are a fine example of serene environment and advanced infrastructure to aid the learning process.

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