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Every Production, be it Live action film making or an Animation Film production, it all begins with Design stage. Design is the most important factor that integrates all elements to give the production a defined look. This is essentially one of the first steps that is involved in film making where a decision is made from the look of the character to the elements that exist in the environment including the various assets that will be used by the character. Each character, be it the Hero and his side kicks, the damsel in distress, the raging Dragons and Monsters or the Villains along with the accidental back ground characters, all these characters have to have certain integral feel about them that make them belong in the same movie.


The study of developing and designing characters is the core focus of this specialization.




Good Knowledge of drawing anatomy and understanding of correct proportions for humans takes a lot of time and practice to master. This is the most crucial part of the learning process. The course structure is comprised of classes that teach figure and anatomy drawings thoroughly that give students the foundation for proper character development and help them design characters with the needed attitude and look. Facial expressions and body language complement the whole design, conveying emotion and intention through subtle nuances of line and form, whether its a male, female, animal, monster or an alien.




Throughout this course the faculty share with the students personal techniques for producing character designs and walk them through the creative process of drawing. Students will learn to understand Clarity and Shape Variation, as well as many other important principles and elements of design. As a character designer students are responsible for exploring new ideas through characters and their role as a designer will be to create major and incidental characters for animated T.V., Feature Films, Video Games,etc.

Career Opprtunities Faculty
  • Concept Artist

  • Character Designer

  • Storyboard Artist

  • Illustrator

  • Matte Painter

  • Environment Designer

  • Story Book Artist

  • Dattaraj Kamath

  • Aditya Chari

  • Shiraj Yusuf Mulla

  • Madhu Jalli

  • Ruturaj Arolkar

  • Vinay Prasad

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