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Texturing and Lighting are usually two separate departments in a big animation production studio. However it is of paramount importance for a student to understand the tangibility between these two departments for correct textured assets to flow seamlessly within a production pipeline. At Animation and Art School Goa the course has been designed to teach students both the specializations. This gives an added benefit to students as they will have the expertise in both the field.


This subject deals with the visual qualities of a surface, for eg. When we see "Velvet" or "Leather" we immediately at a glance can tell the fabric just like we would be able to tell "Wood" from "Iron" without touching these elements. It is this visual properties of any substance that is recreated in the software and given the defined look. These objects when taken to different lighting conditions will still behave the way they would in real life. The complexity of this process can vary with different elements. Texturing and Shading has a core focus on these attributes and teaches students how to create realistic looking objects for films. The students are exposed to advanced techniques and work arounds in this specialization and a good understanding of color and color schemes is a big bonus for students to make realistic and attractive elements.


We see things because of light and the variation in light, like color or intensity make a difference to how we see things. How do you create an environment having the same colors as a sunset? How do you create the look of a dimly lit room? How can you show a gloomy environment that fits a sad story? This is exactly what the study of 3D lighting is about. This is one of the final departments in an Animation Production that defines the look of the film. This study also involves optimizing the workflow for faster outputs and gaining more control over the outputs so we can give the exactly look to the scene as we have it pictured in our minds or as defined by the concept art which is used for reference. The students are taught advanced methods, similar to the processes used in Animation Production Houses along with Digital Compositing for final outputs.



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