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Students who are interested in visual communications such as Drawing, Color rendering and Stylized Designs using various traditional or digital medium for any kind of outputs are the best candidates for this program. Students will intensely focus on traditional studio classes like Figure study, Anatomy, Painting and develop skills in designing and stylization through various classes specifically designed for a progressive learning method with emphasis on developing Illustration skills. Special classes like Illustrative Communication, Color theory in Design Concepts and History are available to help students convey their ideas better. Students are also taught the digital medium which is an essential skill for the new age market.


If your interest lies in drawing for Comic books, Digital drawings, Graphic Designing or Drawing for Story books then this is the right subject for you to focus on. Advertising Firms, Magazines and the entertainment industry are actively on the lookout for students with this major for various jobs.

Career Opprtunities Faculty
  • Illustrator

  • Comic Book Artist

  • Story Book Artist

  • Graphic Designer

  • Dattaraj Kamath

  • Aditya Chari

  • Shiraj Yusuf Mulla

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