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An exhaustive curriculum designed for specialization in the art of Digital Film Making. This course begins with study of traditional art like Figure drawing, Painting, Anatomy study and Sculpting with inclination towards design for Feature Films. The core focus of this stream is to enable students to understand and implement the learning of traditional art form to the new age film making.

Short films is the final output the students aim for at the end of this course. This experience allows the students to understand the intricacies involved in the process of film making from the initial stages of pitching the projects, to designing the look of the project to finally showcasing a finished film to the approval panel. Students deal with various tangible processes such as sound design and editing, Production planning and budgeting, understanding production pipeline, Asset management and render wrangling.


Students develop their own scripts, produce and execute them individually or as a group while training in all pre and post production studies like script writing, Character designs, Concept designs, Story boarding, Film editing etc. Students enrolled in this program choose one of the specializations from 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Texturing Lighting and Visual effects to major in but have exclusive access to attend classes from other parallel specializations to complete their films at no additional cost.




Students are welcome to choose between Animated movies and live action visual effects short films to execute. Classes are conducted by working professional who have extensive production experience in international markets.

What all do you learn? Career Opprtunities
  • Pre Production

  • C/G or Live Action Production

  • Post Production
    (Major in one specilization)

  • Figure Drawing

  • Anatomy

  • Painting

  • Illustrative Communication

  • Script Writing

  • Character Designs

  • Storyboarding
     3D Modeling

  • Texturing & Lighting

  • Animation

  • Visual effects

  • Compositing
     Sound Design

  • Film Editing

  • 2D Visual Effects

  • Animation Director

  • Story Artist

  • Concept Artist

  • Character Designer

  • Storyboard Artist

  • 3D Character & Creature Modeler

  • 3D BG Modeler - Props & Assets

  • 3D Character Animator

  • Texturing & Shading Artist

  • Lighting Artist

  • Visual Effect Artist

  • Compositer

  • Machmoving Artist

  • Rotoscoping Artist

  • Ruturaj Arolkar
  • Vinay Prasad
  • Dattaraj Kamath
  • Aditya Chari
  • Shiraj Yusuf Mulla
  • Rakesh Kumar
  • Madhu Jalli
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