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Ruturaj Arolkar founded the Animation and Art School Goa.




The school essentially is based on a system that Ruturaj has developed through his 8 Years of Teaching experience in Animation and his interactions with hundreds of students to give artists the right kind of platform to better their innate art skills by bringing them closer to nature in the beautiful state of Goa which has abundance of cultural history that is visually evident in the colonial housings and structures at every nook and corner. The locales are still pristine in many places and are great subjects of study.




This system draws attention towards the traditional methods of learning art leading the artists to the renaissance system of learning that is still practiced the world over and proved to be the best learning path. Each discipline is designed to supplement the next and ensure controlled upward progression of the aesthetic abilities of the artist.




His Engineering background along with a degree in Fine Arts - Computer Animation gives him a unique advantage of understanding and adapting to new technology to help design a curriculum that will help students transition to highly skilled artists who are trained in a studio production sort of environment.




His involvement with education has been right from his days as a BFA student at Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California – USA, where he was part of a team which built the first Online training curriculum for the university.




Returning to India he later co-founded TAKSHAA - Academy for the Artists in Bangalore, which was well known in the industry for the high quality of graduates that it produced who are currently working in the best of Animation Studios, Multi National and local companies alike. He was involved in designing the curriculum at Takshaa.




Ruturaj also co-founded Ittina Animation Studios in Bangalore where he worked as a Creative Director for projects from around the world with leading studios and Oscar wining Directors at Feature Film, Commercials and TV/DVD production work. It is the combination of these hands on activities that has given him a good insight on developing the right kind of curriculum to develop artists that our industry today requires.

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