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3D modeling is the first stage in an Animation Production. Modelers create the geometries in 3D that are used for animation or form the environment in which the characters interact. Be it live action or an animated film. This is also called as digital sculpting and is essentially categorized into various level of complexities from a simple stylized character to a photo real character that looks very real to life. Even the elements in the environment which incorporate detailed architectural structures to the foliage, all begin at this stage.


Whether you like cars, robots or cool looking characters with elaborate body armors as seen in fantasy movies or games, all begin from the modeling stage. This course teaches you the many ways of optimizing you geometry to flow with out problems through a production pipeline and also get you accustomed to the various tools and combination of modeling methodologies for a faster and correct output. This course will also deal with model preparations for other following departments and help you understand 3D texturing and shading so you can prepare your model to be presented in a high end modeling demo reel.


Organic modeling such as creatures and realistic humans are also a part of this course which requires you to be good with anatomy. The control over the mesh flow for clean deformation for animation and ease of texturing and rigging. Quick scripting techniques to increase productivity whilst modeling and controlling surface parametrization is the core focus at the initial stages. Use of Nurbs, Polygons and sub Division modeling and switching between them for quick, clean and optimized outputs is taught to students. The student then progresses to the study of anatomy and works with form and shape that define the human body with the help of anatomy doodling sessions which delve into muscle deformation for posing characters. This is a unique and a quick way for non artists to understand the human musculature and body structures and also get acquainted to correct digital sculpting techniques.



Career opportunities  
  • Film/Tv

  • Gaming Modeler

  • Creature modeler

  • Digital Maquette Artist

  • Architecture Modeler

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