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For this course it is assumed that you are familiar with Maya interface and basic understanding of the workflow. This course will deal with in-depth study of both Modeling and Texturing.

This is a 1 year course designed specifically for students who are looking for a finishing school specializing in the field of advanced asset creation for feature productions be it realistic characters, creatures or elaborate back ground assets.


The process begins with lectures in understanding the different techniques used in professional production houses. Beginning with the modeling stage, students are exposed to technical workflow in creating a Hi end model for CG Production. The control over the mesh flow for clean deformation for animation and ease of texturing and rigging. Quick scripting techniques to increase productivity whilst modeling and controlling surface parametrization is the core focus at the initial stages. Use of Nurbs, Polygons and sub Division modeling and switching between them for quick, clean and optimized outputs is taught to students. At the same stage students are exposed to the various techniques of texture mapping and model preparation for texturing.


The student will develop and deliver a hard surface model at photorealistic level using the various techniques taught above as the first project to help them master the modeling and texturing work flow before progressing to complex modeling and texturing. The student then progresses to the study of anatomy and works with form and shape that define the human body with the help of anatomy doodling sessions which delve into muscle deformation for posing characters. This is a unique and a quick way for non artists to understand the human musculature and body structures and also get acquainted to correct digital sculpting techniques. Students will deliver a full body photo-realistic model at the end of this segment with texturing. The final segment will deal with surface detailing and advanced shaders and texturing. It will be a combination of Organic modeling and hard surface modeling and students are expected to deliver a creature incorporating various elements of organic and hard surface at the end of this section. Sculpting digital maquettes and then making production ready models from them is the focus for this stage.

Career Opprtunities Faculty
  • 3D Asset Developer

  • Hard Surface modeler

  • Gaming Modeler

  • Creature modeler

  • Digital Maquette Artist

  • Architecture Modeler

  • Texturing & Lighting Artist

  • Ruturaj Arolkar

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