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If you are the kind who loves to give life to characters through movement and bring out the performance of the character on screen and make it believable to the audience, then its time to gear up for the journey of character animation.

  Program Overview  

Semester 1


In this semester you would be learning about the basic building blocks of animation, essentially learning all the principles which would serve as the language throughout your animation journey. You would be getting strong at fundamentals and applying them to all your assignments which are the key factor to your upcoming semesters.




Semester 2


In this semester students will be learning about how mechanics work in a biped and the importance of strong posing. Also the student will be taking all the animation principles to the next level and learning about locomotion and weight to show physical performance that defines a character through motion.




Semester 3


In this semester you would be studying about the most awaited thing in animation "ACTING". This is where you explore your story telling abilities through pure performance. By using the fictional Characters you create a believable performance for the audience to tell a story is the key aspect in this semester .You will be learning how to animate mimes, dialogue shots with camera cuts and refining your facial animation, which helps you to build a strong demo reel.

Career Opportunities  
  • Character Animator - Film/Game/TV/Commercials

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