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Rotoscoping/Blue/Green Screen Keying, Camera Tracking/Match Moving, are the broadly classified subjects that are taught under this specialization. This course essentially trains students in these verticals as this is a specialized requirement in the industry and focuses mainly on projects that will help them master these techniques. The 2D Visual effects (VF/x) term categorizes areas that do not deal with complex simulations and scripting done in 3D packages.
Rotoscoping (ROTO) is a process used in Visual effects that allows removal of an object or element from one live action footage and use it into another with the use of an animated matte. This process is widely used in Live action Visual effects films. The process of Camera tracking/ match moving deals with matching the Live action camera to the Virtual camera used in a 3D program so that all 3D can be placed in the live action and look seamless. Students deal with video footage shot by them and work on similar projects to help them master match moving. The use of a Blue or Green screen in Live action movies so that actors can later be placed in a digital environment has become the norm in the industry. This course deals with such projects enabling the students to understand the process of keying and composting.

Career Opprtunities Faculty
  • Roto Artist

  • Matchmation Artist

  • Motion Graphics

  • Rakesh Kumar
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